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The arbitration shall be conducted pursuant to the Federal Arbitration Act and such procedures as Lockheed Martin and Boeing may agree, or, in the absence of such agreement, pursuant to the AAA Rules. Separate legal entity, jointly owned by foreign party and local party. Enforceability of Contractual Safeguards in Joint Venture Is the choice of law and forum valid and enforceable? ACTIVITIES NOT CONSTITUTING TRANSACTING BUSINESS. The arbitrators shall be authorized to grant any temporary, preliminary or permanent equitable remedy or relief that they determine to be just or equitable and within the scope of this Agreement, including an injunction or order for specific performance. Under penalties of perjury, the undersigned declares that the undersigned has examined the certification and to the best of his knowledge and belief, it is true, correct and complete. Sagent Visiting Director and accordingly the failure of the Sagent Visiting Director to attend or vote will preclude the required approval.

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Majeure for purposes hereof shall mean any occurrence arising from contingencies, circumstances or causes which are beyond the control of the Party invoking Force Majeure and which, by the exercise of reasonable diligence, such Party is unable to prevent or remedy. The appraisers shall deliver a written report of their appraisal to the Managing Joint Venturer, who shall provide copies of the report to all interested parties. Distributor will purchase training, technical, Hotline and update support from us, under the terms of our standard support programs unless otherwise agreed by you and us in writing. Company shall hold the respective Member harmless from any and all Damages arising out of or relating to the transfer of the personnel files.

Our liability in all events for any damages, howsoever caused, will not exceed the applicable fees that you have paid us. Party, shall be deemed effective service of process upon such Party. Agreement are for convenience of reference only and are not intended to qualify the meaning of any section. Distributor will vigorously market the Software at your expense. Company were the original direct Lessee thereunder. Such termination shall not release the defaulting Party from any obligation or liability to the other Parties, whether pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement or at law or in equity. Joint venturer in corruption, notes are no obligation of customer provides some temporary, circumstances the venture agreement, and records of the parties hereto. This Agreement shall enter into effect on the date hereof and, unless terminated by the written agreement of the Parties, shall continue for so long as two or more Shareholders continue to hold interests in the Company.

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The proposed disposition or paid in line customer can simultaneously with joint venture agreement and signed written. Projects that Sky and Grow Tech will identify as commercially attractive. Agreement or the Certificate for any Company by such Company or any of its Subsidiaries. Software and Services set out in this Agreement shall be deemed to be a breach of this Agreement and shall entitle Owner to terminate this Agreement on thirty days notice. Another example would be investors acquiring raw land to hold for a couple of years and then sell. All notices to the Joint Venturers pursuant to this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed effective when given by personal delivery or by certified mail, express delivery service, or facsimile transmission.

Sites ResumeGeneral Meeting and shall, where it is proposed to pass a special resolution at such meeting, set out the text of the special resolution to be passed at the meeting. Joint Venture and will distribute such amounts, after expenses of the Joint Venture, to the parties in accordance with their joint instructions or, if no such joint instructions are given, on an equal basis. Agreement for operational reasons, no formal notice required in terms of this Agreement, nor any amendment of or variation to this Agreement may be given or concluded via email.

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The third arbitrator shall be jointly selected by the arbitrators selected by DAP and WTW. ELV Business for any wages, salaries, commissions or other direct compensation for an services performed by them or amounts required to be reimbursed to such officers, directors, employees, consultants or agents. No Member shall have any rights to demand or receive Company Property other than cash upon distribution and liquidation of the Company, but the Members may, in their discretion by vote, distribute Company Property other than cash to a Member.

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    THIRD PARTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, RELATED TO THE SOFTWARE OR ANY SERVICES WE MAY PROVIDE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ARISING BY STATUTE, LAW OR TRADE DEALING OR USAGE. Member, who will be obligated to preserve the confidentiality of such information on reasonable and customary terms. Which of these entity types may legally be used for a business of the kind contemplated for the joint venture? Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, all actions taken by the Executive Committee shall be by majority vote of its members. SUMATION or SUMITOMO, as the case may be, under this Agreement. Confidential Information of any other Party hereto. Agreement will be construed as if drafted jointly by the parties and no presumption or burden of proof will arise favoring or disfavoring any party by virtue of the authorship of any of the provisions of this Agreement. Bio shall execute and deliver all Transaction Agreements to which Bio is a party. Prior to the Closing Date, the Title Company shall provide an updated title insurance commitment, and copies of restrictions, liens or encumbrances not previously approved as a Permitted Exception on the Commitment.

  • Outback common stock or any combination of both.

    ELV Business by other businesses of Lockheed Martin prior to the Closing and for which Lockheed Martin shall be paid an amount sufficient to cover its direct and indirect costs of providing such services. Utah based Corporation that offers full service Prosthetic and Orthotic Care and Manufacturing, DME and soft goods sales. Many countries tax liquidations, transfers of property and distributions that are required to wind up the JVE. Distributor to the joint venture agreement sec regulations. Remediation Programs ahead of any legally mandated schedule. Samples of all marketing and advertising materials prepared by one party will be promptly provided to the other with rights to use such materials to further jointly the sales of Sagent products. Parties under or pursuant to this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect, except and only to the extent that they are so amended. The Global CFO may attend the Steering Committee meetings at the election of the Steering Committee, but shall not be entitled to cast a vote at such meetings.

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    Orders and no unsatisfied judgments, penalties or awards against or affecting such NCMS Party, the enforcement of which would reasonably be expected to have a material adverse effect on the ability of such NCMS Party to consummate the Contemplated Transactions. None of the members of the Steering Committee may be an individual that is an employee or officer of any of the Companies. Trade Marks or any other trade mark so nearly resembling the Trade Marks in respect of any products or services. How to structure a day venture Federal Securities Law Source. This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with Japanese law. There are no leases, oral or written, affecting the Property or any part thereof. Government to recognize the Company as the successor in interest to all of the Government Contracts being sold, assigned, transferred and conveyed to the Company in accordance with the Transaction Documents.


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Person or one or more of the other Subsidiaries of such Person or a combination thereof. In respect of ANRA only, the outstanding Equity Interests of the Thai Designated Party shall be aggregated with those of Autoliv AB for this purpose. The costs for the Party Appraisers shall be borne by the Party selecting such Party Appraiser, and the costs for the third appraiser shall be borne by the Parties to the transaction equally.

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